“There must be investigations and prosecutions” about alleged police racism during lockdowns

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Since Amnesty publishes a report describing allegations of racial discrimination by police during the coronavirus shutdowns, Spain’s former Justice Minister to AXADLE says allegations must be investigated and, if proven, prosecuted. Juan Fernando Lopez-Aguilar, President of the European Parliament’s Committee on Justice and Civil Liberties, also calls for the abusive use of civil liberties under EU coronavirus responses if proven.

As Spain and other states undertake re-located lockdowns after first relaxing their restrictions, the Spanish MP defends the reopening of internal EU borders, saying that without Schengen visa-free travel zone “there is no recovery”.

Finally, when EU heads of state try to remove a multi-billion euro transaction to restart the continent’s economy, Lopez-Aguilar says that EU solidarity is necessary because “this is no fault – there are no fault here, just victim of coronavirus crisis “.

Made by Isabelle Romero, Mathilde Bénézetand Perrine Desplats.

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