US Senate adopts massive stimulus package to deal with coronavirus

American senators adopted a 2,000 billion dollar stimulus package for American households and businesses on Wednesday evening faced with the economic consequences of the Covid-19 crisis.

After five days of negotiations and a compromise between Democrats and Republicans, the American Senate adopted on the evening of Wednesday, March 25, a plan to support the American economy of 2,000 billion dollars (approximately 1,840 billion euros) intended to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

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The text has yet to be approved by the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives in a vote scheduled for Friday before it can be promulgated by US President Donald Trump.

This plan provides for a massive injection of liquidity, including $ 500 billion to support the industrial companies most affected by loans or grants. In the air transport sector particularly affected by the crisis, the project plans to grant 25 billion subsidies to companies carrying passengers and 8 billion for air freight and airport service providers, including passenger services. restoration. The airports themselves would benefit from $ 10 billion. Airlines should also have access to $ 29 billion in credit.

Checks for Americans

Some 500 billion dollars will also be allocated to direct aid for Americans, which can go up to 3,000 dollars per household in the form of checks sent to millions of households.

In addition, there are $ 350 billion for loans to small businesses, $ 250 billion for assistance measures for the unemployed, at least $ 100 billion for hospitals and the health system, as well as additional funds for other health needs and nearly $ 150 billion to help states and local authorities fight the epidemic.

The death toll from the new coronavirus has jumped to 1,031 in the United States on Wednesday, and the country has 68,572 confirmed cases, according to a count from Johns Hopkins University. The United States now ranks third among countries for the number of confirmed cases, behind Italy and China.

With Reuters and AFP

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