Women of the French left launch #MeTooPolitics


In an article published Monday in the French daily Le Monde, nearly 300 eminent women called on left-wing political parties to “eliminate the perpetrators of sexual and gender-based violence”, believing that too many elected officials and candidates have been accused of wrongdoing.

After cinema, the media and the sports world, it is the turn of the political world to be caught up by the #MeToo movement. On November 15, 285 women working in politics and academia published an open letter in the daily Le Monde demanding that “perpetrators of sexual and gender-based violence” be excluded from political life.

“We, women active in politics, elected officials, collaborators, civil servants, community leaders, activists who regularly rub shoulders with politicians, but above all citizens, call on the political world to provide a global response to sexual and gender-based violence. committed by our representatives, ”they wrote.

The signatories represent a broad spectrum of the left, including the far-left MEP Manon Aubry, the socialist senator and former minister of women’s affairs Laurence Rossignol, Sandra Regol of the Greens and Hélène Bidard, deputy mayor of Paris and member of the French Communist Party. .

“When will we be freely heard? “

“In Parliament, in town halls, departmental and regional councils, men indicted, sometimes convicted of rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse of minors, domestic violence, are elected, despite the rhetoric on the fight against violence. to women, despite our repeated warnings, “wrote the women.

“Once again and on the eve of crucial elections for our country, we urge the political apparatus to listen to the victims and to work for prevention”, added the signatories.

It is time for the political world to “take responsibility” by removing from its ranks “the perpetrators of sexual and gender-based violence” and by paying attention to the type of people it promotes, they wrote. The progress made by the #MeToo movement has not gone far enough in the ranks of the political classes. “The voice of women has been freed, but when will we be freely heard? “

Since the letter’s publication, the hashtag #MeTooPolitics has spread on Twitter. Several Internet users have posted messages relating their attacks by politicians.

At the heart of the presidential election

Along with the open letter, the women launched the Metoopolitique.fr site, which contains a three-point commitment against gender-based and sexual violence in politics that they hope to see signed by elected officials and political party officials. Women plan to raise this issue throughout the presidential and legislative campaigns of 2022.

“In April 2022, we will choose the President of the Republic. Three candidates or potential candidates for the Élysée have already been accused of sexual assault. This does not prevent them from believing themselves worthy to occupy the supreme office, far from it. . It shows how indifferent they are to the plight of women and victims, “the women wrote in the letter.

No name is given, but the daily Liberation takes care of it: “One thinks of course of the extreme right expert Eric Zemmour, accused of sexual violence by several women; to the anti-European politician François Asselineau, indicted for sexual assault; and Jean Lassalle, independent member of the National Assembly, accused of sexual harassment by several women. “

A few days before the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the signatories of the letter also called to join the marches organized throughout France on November 20 by the collective #NousToutes.


This article has been translated from the original into English


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