Caitlyn Jenner’s reaction to Kylie’s new $ 36.5 million mansion – Axadle

Caitlyn Jenner thinks “property is a very solid investment” after Kylie bought a posh estate in Holmby Hills! Our sources reveal even more details about Caitlyn’s relationship with her economist daughter, who “still seeks Cait’s advice.”

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Caitlyn Jenner, 70, thinks it’s smart for her daughter Kylie jenner, 22, own more than one mansion! The young billionaire is said to have spent $ 36.5 million in the affluent Los Angeles area of ​​West Holmby Hills, by a TMZ report that surfaced on April 24. Since then, the seven-bedroom estate (equipped with a Las Vegas pool) has served as the backdrop for many Kylie bikini selfies – and each bedroom was the result of Kylie’s equity! “[Caitlyn] think the property is a very solid investment and likes that Kylie could have bought this new dream home by herself “, said a source EXCLUSIVELY HollywoodLife. “Cait is really proud of the way Kylie spends her money. She is very responsible and sensible with that. “

Being good with money is something Kylie took from none other than Caitlyn. “They talk every day and Kylie always asks for advice and advice from Cait and Cait always encourages her to invest her money wisely”, adds our source. Although Caitlyn “is proud of Kylie no matter what,” says our source, “the fact that she is rich beyond everyone’s wildest dreams definitely impresses Cait.” It’s not just about money. “But beyond making Cait proud, it also gives her a huge sense of security,” says our source about Kylie’s wealth. “She likes knowing that Kylie has enough money to last a lifetime, which gives her a lot of comfort.”

Of course, Caitlyn is not only proud of her youngest daughter because of her financial and material successes. “It is no exaggeration to say that Cait is Kylie’s biggest fan,” says our source. “She literally encourages him from the day of his birth. When Kylie grew up, Cait was so active, taking her to school, taking her to all of her activities. Kylie played a lot of sports and Cait never missed a match. They were so close and it didn’t change at all. “

New side mansion, Caitlyn can’t help but marvelallKylie accomplished. After selling her first lip kits in 2015, Kylie now leads the creative and marketing efforts of her makeup company Kylie Cosmetics (she sold 51% of the business to Coty Inc. for $ 600 million in January 2020, by Forbes). “Caitlyn is beyond Kylie’s pride”, reiterates a second source while discussing EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife. “She hoped that the world for all of her children and that Kylie was doing so well is an incredible situation and feat. Caitlyn couldn’t be more proud that Kylie was so successful. It is truly a sight to behold. Her daughters are healthy, successful and it’s a very proud moment that only a parent can truly feel. “

In addition to the new estate in Holmby Hills, Kylie has its main base in Hidden Hills which cost $ 12 million. In 2018, she would also have shared a $ 13.45 million house in Beverly Hills with her ex, Travis Scott, 50/50 in 2018, by TMZ.

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