Mariah Carey shares the performance “Last Kiss” for the anniversary “E = MC²” – Axadle

Mariah Carey’s album in 2008 won first place in the iTunes album charts, much to the singer’s surprise! Songbird rewarded its fans with a quarantine performance from one of the album’s iconic R&B songs.

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Justice has been done! Mariah Carey Album 2008 E = MC²on April 27, reached # 1 on the iTune Top 200 Albums chart, just in time for the 12th anniversary of the record. The news completely blinded the 50-year-old singer herself, who tweeted “What’s going on ?????” the day the good news came out. Of course, this required celebration. After Mariah asked her Twitter fans “which song” she should perform from home, Mariah returned to social media the next day with a performance of song number 9 from the album: “Last Kiss”.

“In my heart, I know it / It won’t be our last kiss / It’s too big, we just can’t stop / What you think it is / Our love will always exist / Oh, listen to me “, Mariah belted in the comfort of her kitchen, proving that her voice will never need autotune to sweep us. She shone while performing the romantic lyrics in a beautiful floral kimono! In the middle of the mini virtual concert, Mariah wondered if she was singing the right words, before continuing effortlessly.

“I woke up yesterday to find out that E = MC2 is sort of the # 1 album on iTunes !! On the occasion of its 12th anniversary, nothing less [smiley emoji] Lambily, you are the best! I hope you enjoy this impromptu version of Last Kiss, “Mariah captioned the video clip. Fans more than appreciated the “impromptu” performance, especially after their collective effort to make the Twitter hashtag # JusticeForEMC2 viral on Monday. Like the rest of the Lambily, we are also happy to see E = MC²gain his well-deserved attention on iTunes. The album also produced one of Mariah’s biggest hits of the 2000s, “Touch My Body”. Seriously, no one can touch Mimi’s success.

The next important step that Mariah celebrates is the ninth anniversary of her sweet twins MoroccanandCanon monroe, which she shares with her ex-husband Nick Cannon, 39. Of course, this anniversary will be a little different from past celebrations, since Mariah and the twins isolate themselves in New York amid the national pandemic. Meanwhile, Nick is in quarantine in Los Angeles. We learned how parents will bypass remote controls and shelters on site to keep their twins’ birthdays memorable on April 30.

“Mariah and Nick always celebrate the twins’ birthday with a big party, but this year, it’s going to be difficult because they are quarantined on opposite sides … The twins will always spoil their birthday , but once the quarantine is over, Nick and Mariah will organize a big party for them with all their friends, “said a source EXCLUSIVELY. HollywoodLife. Here is an idea: Mariah can organize a personal concert for her children before this big party!

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