Tiffany Haddish talks about common and relationship status after a virtual date – Axadle

Tiffany Haddish set the record straight on his love life after setting up rumors of love with Common in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres on April 29.

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Tiffany Haddish, 40, finally revealed if she was dating Common, 48 after their virtual meeting on Bumble at the beginning of the month. “I’m single,” said the actressEllen Degeneres during an interview on April 29. However, she confirmed that she was “dating” virtually through the Bumble dating app, and explained how much fun she had with Common during their online date. “It was great,” admitted Tiffany. “I went to a virtual meeting with Common and it was super fun. He sent me flowers, he sent me food. It was nice! We have danced!”

Rumors of a romance between Tiffany and Common began in March, when she revealed that they had gone together to a “painting and casting” class. At the time, Tiffany insisted that they were just friends, and in an April interview about TODAY, she closed the rumors of a romance. However, in early April, Tiffany also conducted a virtual interview with Cedric the Entertainerand did not hesitate to move his camera to Common. Home stay regulations were already in place at that time, so it appears that the two were in quarantine together.

Tiffany and Common’s Bumble virtual date was part of Bumble’s initiative to “pay ahead”. Tiffany is the app’s spokesperson. Meanwhile, she had previously confirmed that she was the first to take a step forward regarding her relationship with Common. “I was like [to him], I have a Groupon to paint, do you want to paint? “Tiffany saidE! New. The 40-year-old actor is also a spokesperson for Groupon.

Before Tiffany and Common were romantically linked, Tiffany’s friend,Wendy Williams, revealed that the actress was crushing the rapper. However, Wendy also warned Tiffany when it came to starting something romantic with him. “It’s not common with women,” Wendy warned during the April 8 episode of her talk show. “That’s all I say. He keeps you until he’s done with you.”

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