20 shocking meals you don’t have to place in


My fridge is so stuffy for no good purpose. I don’t have any of these dormitories. I additionally don’t have a home stuffed with rising kids. My fridge issues all stem from an easy truth: I grew up in a household that actually stored all the things from bread to peanut butter at a cool 35 levels Fahrenheit. (Fun info: You ought to set your fridge temperature to 40 levels Fahrenheit or cooler.) The first time I attempted a room temperature PB&J was a magical, unforgettable second. So if I do probably not focus when unpacking groceries, I often go on autopilot and put 95 % of my reward in my fridge, which is just not at all times excellent news for my meals. But it seems that this is just not the most effective strategy to do it – there are a lot of meals that don’t should be refrigerated.

While some issues merely style higher and keep a greater consistency when refrained from the chilly, different meals truly retain extra of their vitamins when unnoticed. Cold air can, for instance, break down the antioxidants in some fruits and cease the ripening course of in others. Then after all there are issues that merely don’t have to be there, reminiscent of soy sauce.

Here are 20 meals that don’t should be refrigerated. Your ice field has simply develop into far more spacious!


An straightforward strategy to make your merchandise last more is to preserve tomatoes out of the fridge. They are finest saved in a cool, dry place at room temperature, the place they preserve their moisture.

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bunch of yellow bananas on braided background

To preserve the bananas contemporary, retailer them at room temperature with plastic wrap across the stems. The plastic foil will forestall them from releasing ethylene fuel, which hurries up the maturation course of.

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Citrus fruit

Mandarins in a basket

Citrus favorites reminiscent of lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits are all good examples of meals that don’t should be refrigerated. These juicy fruits are finest preserved in a fruit basket as a substitute. If you don’t suppose you’ll have the option to eat your fruit in a couple of weeks, create a cool, dry and well-ventilated place, like your cabinet, in order that they will grasp in till you might be able to devour. them up.


Avocados in different stages of ripeness

Unlike totally ripe avocados, which ought to be saved within the fridge, underripe berries (sure, the inexperienced superfood is technically a berry) ought to be saved at room temperature. Not certain if an avocado is ripe but? Avocados which might be able to grow to be guac will give in to gentle stress.

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Hot sauce

Hot sauce bottles

Capsaicin, the compound that offers chili its signature kick, has been proven to enhance physique warmth, enhance metabolism and scale back urge for food. Oh, and it has an addictive fiery style that makes all the things from hen to popcorn tastier; there actually isn’t any flawed strategy to eat the stuff. But there is a flawed strategy to retailer it. After opening a brand new bottle, most individuals put it within the fridge. But in response to Franks CrimsonHot, an extremely common sizzling sauce producer, it is nearly at all times an pointless transfer. Check the label in your favourite model to see in case you can get away with having it in your closet.

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Softened butter with a knife

There are two distinct camps of individuals on this world: those that would reasonably eat a chip from the flooring than use butter that has been out all evening, and people who wouldn’t dream of storing their butter in some other means. Because butter is a dairy product, it is simple to see why most individuals suppose it must be saved chilly. But this is definitely not the case: it seems that butter will be saved safely outdoors the fridge in an hermetic container.


slice coconut cake with fork

Some truffles should be saved within the fridge, however glass-free truffles and people topped with ganache or buttercream go effectively for up to a few days saved in an hermetic container on the counter.

If you might be fearful that a whole cake will likely be destroyed earlier than you’ll be able to eat it, minimize it into small slices and retailer them within the freezer, the place they will likely be much less doubtless to dry out.

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sliced ​​bread with milk

In hotter climates, many individuals retailer their bread within the fridge as a strategy to preserve it away from hungry ants. While it is a first rate technique, it is one which makes your rye and complete grain breads tougher than a rock. If it is just not a spread to be frozen (like Ezekiel bread), retailer your bread in a cool, dry place. If you often take a really very long time to scrub it off, decide to freeze your bread as a substitute of cooling it. And you should definitely let it thaw fully earlier than consuming or roasting for probably the most nice texture and taste.


stack of basil on wood

Think about it: This leafy inexperienced herb grows properly on a sunny windowsill, so why may it additionally thrive in an ice field? After slicing off its ends, retailer this tasty plant in a glass or mortar jar full of contemporary water, the place it should thrive till it is prepared to be used.



Stored in a paper bag in a cool, darkish place like your pantry, potatoes ought to final for about three weeks. That tater within the fridge causes the starch to be transformed to sugar, leading to spuds with an unpleasantly candy style, in response to United States Potato Board.

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Sweet potato

sliced ​​sweet potatoes

Like abnormal potatoes, these root greens are finest saved in a cool, darkish place that is just not the fridge. If you discover that your potato is sprouting, it is an indication that it could be getting an excessive amount of gentle. In addition to being certainly one of these meals that doesn’t should be refrigerated, candy potatoes additionally should be saved at the hours of darkness in order that it is just not destroyed.


Watermelon and melon balls

Watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew are all crammed to the brim with antioxidants reminiscent of vitamin C, zeaxanthin, lycopene and beta-carotene, which neutralize cell-damaging free radicals. To protect these health-promoting vitamins, retailer complete melons – versus sliced ​​ones – in your kitchen counter. Cool air will break down their delicate antioxidants.

Stone fruit

peach halves on wooden table top

Let peaches, apricots, nectarines and plums ripen at room temperature. When they’re gentle and ripe, you’ll be able to retailer them in your fridge for up to a few days.

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Coffee beans with metal scoop

Java lovers, hear! If you might be presently storing your soil or beans within the fridge or freezer, transfer them to a pantry! The fridge creates condensation that may change the style of your favourite brew. The finest strategy to retailer espresso is in an hermetic container at room temperature.

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orange yellow and red pepper on wooden cutting board

Peppers, certainly one of the healthiest meals on the planet, cease ripening when put within the fridge. If you favor a sweeter pepper, preserve them away from the chilly; Instead, retailer your greens in a cool, well-ventilated place, reminiscent of your kitchen counter.

Hot Peppers

bowl of chili pepper with chili pepper cut in the middle

Spicy peppers are good on your well being, they usually add taste to only about any dish. But identical to peppers, they’re higher saved at room temperature.

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Tropical fruit

mango pieces on a plate

There is a purpose why tropical fruits like kiwi, mango and pineapple develop in hotter climates. They hate chilly, they usually are all meals that don’t should be refrigerated. If you don’t have time to eat your fruit inside two or three days after you’re taking it house, slice it, put it in an hermetic container and set it within the freezer, the place it stays contemporary for as much as a yr.


chopped onion on a cutting board

Onions don’t should be saved chilly earlier than slicing. In its full type, onions are certainly one of these meals that don’t should be refrigerated. They do finest within the pantry, away from potatoes. The root fruit emits ethylene, which may trigger your onion to rot prematurely.

Soy sauce

red chopsticks and bowl of soy sauce on dark background

Sodium-filled spices reminiscent of soy and fish sauce preserve effectively in a kitchen cabinet. The salt prevents the progress of micro organism and different organisms that may cause destruction.


Pickles in a jar

Like salty spices, pickles do effectively outdoors the fridge. The sodium-filled water they spend their lives in acts as a pure preservative.

Now that you already know all concerning the 20 meals that don’t should be refrigerated, you won’t ever retailer your favourite merchandise flawed once more. It might appear to be a small change, however you’ll discover the change in style instantly.

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