Pizza Is a Extra Nutritious Breakfast Than This Widespread Meals,


It turns out college kids are onto something with that ubiquitous breakfast of cold pizza from the night before. Not only is a slice of cold pizza surprisingly tasty, but it’s also quite often a healthier breakfast option than a bowl of cereal, according to Health. That’s because while not as healthy as, say, a breakfast comprised of oatmeal, blueberries, and almonds, pizza does at least have some nutritional value, like protein, whereas sugary cereals are all but devoid of nutrition.

“You may be surprised to find out that an average slice of pizza and a bowl of cereal with whole milk contain nearly the same amount of calories,” nutritionist Chelsey Amer told The Daily Meal. “However, pizza packs a much larger protein punch, which will keep you full and boost satiety throughout the morning. Plus, a slice of pizza contains more fat and much less sugar than most cold cereals, so you will not experience a quick sugar crash.”

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A single serving of the sugar-laden cereal Frosted Flakes contains 20 grams of sugar. The same is true for Honey Nut Cheerios. For reference, an adult female of average size should only consume a maximum of 25 grams of sugar in an entire day, whereas for an adult male of average size, the recommended maximum is 37.5 grams of sugar. So a single bowl of cereal can put you way over the halfway mark, and without any other appreciable nutritional value either.

Thus pizza really is the better choice. According to Nutritionix, an average slice of cheese pizza has about 215 calories, 9 grams of protein, a decent amount of fiber, calcium, and iron, and only three grams of sugar. Granted, there’s also a fair amount of fat and sodium, that’s no surprise.

Now, of course, there are myriad cases that will prove an exception here. A slice of stuffed crust pizza topped with pepperoni, sausages, black olives, and extra cheese is not a healthier option than a serving of a sugary cereal. But in this case, it’s not a matter of choosing the healthier option—neither are a good choice in terms of calories or nutritional value, especially in the morning.

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