Secret results of consuming cashews, says Science


With a buttery smooth texture and ultra-rich taste, it isn’t within the least shocking that cashews are most in style beef within the United States. Although you could know that they’re scrumptious, you could not pay attention to the numerous optimistic results that consuming cashews can have in your well being. Cashews not solely include protein, fiber and wholesome fat, in addition they include a big selection of nutritional vitamins and minerals that may profit your physique in lots of completely different methods.

Cashews are usually not solely a handy transportable snack – they’re extremely versatile as nicely. In truth, these kidney-shaped nuts could be made into milk, milk, cream and butter options.

From higher blood sugar management to a more healthy coronary heart, listed here are among the results you may anticipate from consuming cashews. Be certain to learn our checklist of the 7 healthiest meals to eat immediately.

You can drop pounds.

Many folks mistakenly imagine that nuts are a no-no when attempting to drop pounds as a result of they’re a high-calorie meals with a excessive fats content material. But in reality, a examine from 2017 in Nutrients revealed that individuals who commonly munch on nuts are extra doubtless to keep up a wholesome weight than those that don’t. This could also be as a result of nuts saturate extremely a lot (because of a mixture of protein, fiber and fat) and thus promote weight reduction.

While cashews style extraordinarily wealthy, you could be stunned to be taught that they really do barely much less fats and energy than many different in style nuts, resembling almonds, peanuts and walnuts. A serving of cashews comprises about 137 energy on common, however a examine from 2019 revealed in Nutrients discovered that the human physique can solely take in about 84% of those energy – as a result of among the fats they include stays sealed within the nut’s fibrous wall.

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Your blood strain might drop.

bowl of cashews

More than 100 million adults in America – or nearly half of the grownup inhabitants – have Hypertension. According to a examine from 2019 in Current developments in businesshowever consuming cashews is linked to decrease blood strain. Cashew consumption was additionally linked to decrease ranges of triglycerides – a variety of fats within the blood that may enhance the danger of stroke, coronary heart assault and coronary heart illness when ranges are excessive.

Keep in thoughts, nonetheless, that not all cashews are created equal on this regard. Many packaged cashews come salted and meals with extra salt have been linked to hypertension.

Your ldl cholesterol will in all probability enhance.


There are two sorts of ldl cholesterol: LDL, the kind that causes dangerous fats buildup in your arteries, and HDL, the kind that may really shield your coronary heart by carrying LDL ldl cholesterol away from the arteries and towards the liver.

Ideally, you would like your relationship to indicate decrease ranges of LDL ldl cholesterol and increased ranges of HDL. And that is the place cashew nuts are available: A 2017 examine American Journal of Clinical Nutrition discovered that incorporating cashew nuts into your weight loss program can cut back your “bad” LDL ldl cholesterol. Not solely that, however a 2018 examine in Journal of Nutrition confirmed {that a} weight loss program wealthy in cashews will increase the degrees of the “good” HDL ldl cholesterol.

Along with cashews, listed here are 17 meals that decrease ldl cholesterol.

Your coronary heart well being will enhance total.

salted cashews

Heart illness is main reason behind loss of life within the United States—Over stroke, respiratory illness, diabetes and Alzheimer’s collectively. Fortunately, a assessment from 2007 was revealed in British Journal of Nutrition discovered that the danger of coronary heart illness was 37% decrease for many who eat nuts greater than 4 instances per week.

You can have already identified that nuts can profit your card, however particularly, cashews can have a bonus right here. A examine from 2018 revealed in Journal of Nutrition discovered that when individuals with sort 2 diabetes ate 30 grams of uncooked, unsalted cashews each day for 12 weeks, they skilled a lower in cardiovascular threat components: their blood strain dropped and their HDL ldl cholesterol rose.

The possible cause why cashews are related to a lowered threat of heart problems is that they’re supply of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which can assist cut back LDL levels of cholesterol.

You improve blood sugar management.

eat cashews

It is in all probability apparent that what you eat can play a crucial function in your physique’s potential to maintain blood sugar ranges in test. Adding cashews to your weight loss program can have a major optimistic impact in your blood sugar, whether or not you could have diabetes or prediabetes.

In a 2019 examine i International Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, individuals with sort 2 diabetes who consumed 10% of their each day energy from cashews had decrease insulin ranges than those that didn’t eat cashews – which is outstanding provided that preserving insulin ranges down helps handle blood sugar. This could also be as a result of cashews include a lot fiber, which can assist forestall blood sugar spikes by releasing glucose extra slowly and steadily into the bloodstream.

You get a wholesome dose of copper.

bag of cashews

Copper performs a crucial function in varied capabilities all through the physique, together with regulation of coronary heart charge and blood strain, manufacturing of crimson blood cells, growth of bones, blood vessels and connective tissue, and activation of the immune system.

And guess what? One ounce Cashews include as a lot as 70% of your each day worth for copper.

You shield your cells from injury.

cashew glass bowl

Nuts and seeds are nicely identified for his or her spectacular antioxidant content material. Antioxidants are compounds that may neutralize injury that causes free radicals in your physique, which protects your physique from illness and reduces irritation total. Cashews particularly are a superb supply of two sorts of antioxidants: polyphenols and carotenoids. Note, nonetheless, that roasted cashews seems to have larger antioxidant exercise than crude.

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