Surprising negative effects of taking calcium dietary supplements after 50


If you have got joined 50+ membershipyou will have began to discover some adjustments in your physique. From feeling a little bit extra drained to actually noticing that your physique is shrinking, there are some pure advances that may occur as we become old.

Because of this, older folks might have to alter their weight loss plan and complement plans to satisfy their altering wants. A good instance is how the necessity for calcium adjustments when our our bodies turn out to be extra mature.

For girls, the calcium requirement will increase from 1000 milligrams (mg) per day to 1200 mg per day after they attain 51 years of age. And for males, their want will increase to 1200 mg per day after they attain the age of 71.

Calcium is a crucial mineral that helps bone well being, coronary heart well being, weight management and lots of different components for our well being. Some of the very best sources of calcium are present in dairy merchandise – suppose milk, yogurt and cheese as examples. But about 90% of the US inhabitants doesn’t meet dairy merchandise. Percentage of Americans who drink milk as a drink on a given day is 65% amongst younger kids, 34% in adolescents and about 20% in adults.

When individuals are operating out of calcium, supplementing this mineral is usually a viable Plan B.

If you’re over 50 and you’re one among the numerous who take calcium dietary supplements, listed below are some negative effects chances are you’ll expertise. And for extra info on how one can keep wholesome as you age, don’t miss the shocking results of taking vitamin D dietary supplements after 50.

You is probably not absorbing all of the calcium you’re ingesting.

If you are taking giant doses of calcium at the identical time, chances are you’ll not be absorbing every little thing.

For optimum absorption, the dose of Calcium shouldn’t exceed 500 mg per dose, as a result of the physique doesn’t take up greater than this quantity of calcium very effectively at a time.

If greater than 500 mg / day of supplementation is required, the dose needs to be divided.

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You can have problem absorbing iron.


Calcium can inhibits the physique’s skill to take up iron when each minerals are taken at the identical time. If you take further iron, ensure to not take this complement with a calcium complement. Your greatest wager is to take them at totally different occasions of the day.

You can have stronger legs.

supplements calcium

As we age, the danger of osteoporosis will increase. In truth, when lots of us attain the age of 30, we start to slowly lose bone mass, making it extra doubtless for us to endure from weak bones.

Calcium is saved in our bones and helps them keep robust. If you don’t soak up sufficient calcium, you will have weaker bones.

Calcium dietary supplements can scale back bone loss by 0.5-1.2% and the danger of fracture of every kind by at the very least 10% within the aged, in response to sure info.

But know that the hyperlink between calcium supplementation and bone well being in older adults just isn’t black and white, consequently of one other examine printed in Journal of the American Medical Association means that older adults who take calcium dietary supplements could not have as a lot bone safety from this mineral complement as we as soon as thought.

You could expertise constipation.

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Some calcium dietary supplements could make you are feeling some disagreeable GI negative effects – particularly constipation. Especially in case you take calcium within the carbonate type, it might probably have issues with the lavatory.

Chronic constipation can already be a drawback for older adults, so combining this pure problem with binding dietary supplements could cause much more issues.

Leaning on calcium citrate could also be a better option if constipation has struck.

You could also be at elevated threat for kidney stones.

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If you have got had kidney stones prior to now, it is probably not the very best choice to scale back calcium dietary supplements 80-90% of kidney stones are made from calcium.

Many Older adults endure from kidney stones, so that is clearly a priority for this inhabitants.

Large doses of further calcium, particularly if taken individually from a meal, can result in stone formation in those that are vulnerable to this problem. Calcium supplementation needs to be taken with a meal if stone formation is a drawback.

The greatest meal plan in case you are over 50, says dietitian

You can have an elevated threat of coronary heart assault.

calcium pills

While a weight loss plan wealthy in calcium seems to be protecting in opposition to coronary heart assault, taking calcium dietary supplements is definitely linked to an enhance in threat, in response to a 10-year examine printed in Journal of the American Heart Association.

If you’re already prone to having a coronary heart assault, you must consult with your healthcare supplier earlier than you begin recharging your physique with calcium dietary supplements.

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