The worst oatmeal habits for weight reduction, says dietitian


Oatmeal might be considered one of the healthiest breakfast choices for you when making an attempt to reduce weight. With its excessive fiber content material and potential for protein-heavy toppings, it could possibly be the right approach to begin the day.

Unfortunately, even the healthiest meals have the potential to turn into unhealthy. While oatmeal can aid you together with your weight reduction targets, it could possibly additionally interrupt them. That’s why we talked to Courtney D’Angelo, MS, RD, creator of GoWellness to study among the most unhealthy oatmeal habits to have when making an attempt to reduce weight.

Keep studying to study extra about unhealthy oatmeal habits, and for extra wholesome breakfast suggestions, be sure you take a look at 13 cozy breakfast recipes for weight reduction.

Eat it repeatedly.

Oatmeal is a wholesome carbohydrate with a great quantity of fiber, however D’Angelo warns that you’re going to not have a lot of a balanced meal if you happen to eat oats repeatedly.

“Oatmeal is low in calories and contains little or no protein or fat, so chances are you will be hungry again soon after eating it, which can make you crave unhealthy snacks later,” says D ‘ Angelo.

Because of this, she suggests “adding more fiber and protein to your oatmeal to maximize satiety and prevent a rise in blood sugar.”

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Adds an excessive amount of sugar.

maple syrup oatmeal

Adding sweeteners to your oatmeal, corresponding to maple syrup, honey or brown sugar, might be scrumptious, however it will be significant to watch how a lot you eat as it could enhance sooner than we might notice.

“Adding sugar to your oatmeal can increase your blood sugar levels, which means your body will start to rely on more sugar intake during the day,” says D’Angelo. “Try adding fresh berries instead, which have natural sugar and antioxidants, which have many health benefits.”

Puts too many toppings in your oatmeal.


A enjoyable side of oatmeal is with the ability to costume it up together with your favourite toppings like fruit, nuts or almond butter. D’Angelo mentions, nevertheless, that if you happen to are making an attempt to reduce weight, you’ll be able to get pleasure from limiting the variety of toppings.

“Having too many toppings can add to your total calories, so stick to a few toppings that have been shown to help with weight loss, such as protein, fruit and fiber,” she says.

Here is The # 1 worst oatmeal behavior for weight reduction.

Does not add sufficient protein


And lastly, considered one of the worst oatmeal habits to undertake if you happen to are making an attempt to reduce weight is to not embody sufficient protein in your meal. According to D’Angelo, “increasing your protein intake is key if you are trying to lose weight as protein helps reduce the hunger hormone and increases several satiety hormones, resulting in you feeling fuller for longer and a sharp reduction in hunger.”

You can enhance your protein consumption by including some protein-heavy toppings corresponding to nuts or protein powder, or you’ll be able to embody a breakfast accent corresponding to eggs or turkey sausage.

At the tip of the day, oatmeal remains to be a scrumptious, straightforward and wholesome approach to begin the day, particularly if you happen to are about to reduce weight. Now that you simply’re conscious of a few of how your oatmeal has the potential to derail your well being targets, you might really feel higher ready the following time you go and prepare dinner your favourite oats.

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