What occurs to your physique if you take collagen day by day


Collagen has been within the highlight for some time. From powder to chocolate truffles to lattes and past that, individuals appear to be collagen-crazy. However does consuming collagen day by day provide any profit to your physique, or is it only a energetic ingredient that sounds too good to be true?

At the beginning, you will need to know that collagen is a protein within the physique that’s made up of the amino acids glycine and proline, and it performs an vital position in constructing your bones, pores and skin, muscle tissue, tendons and ligaments. Sadly, as you age, your physique makes decrease high quality and decrease high quality collagen. (Associated: The Vitamin Physician Who Encourages Everybody To Take Proper Now.)

Nonetheless, collagen might be discovered within the connective tissue of sure animal feeds: hen pores and skin, bone broth, bone meat and gelatin (which is comprised of the pores and skin, cartilage and bones of animals). In fact, there may be additionally collagen powder as nicely.

“While you eat collagen, like all proteins, it have to be damaged all the way down to be absorbed”, Erica Julson, MS, RDN, a registered dietitian and founding father of Practical dietary responses, explaining. “Due to this, collagen doesn’t improve straight within the physique to eat collagen. As an alternative, it supplies the physique with the constructing blocks wanted to create its personal collagen.”

That being mentioned, collagen in dietary supplements has already been damaged down or hydrolyzed, so it’s believed to be absorbed extra effectively than collagen in meals.

So what are you able to count on to see if you take collagen dietary supplements or powders on a constant, day by day foundation? Listed below are eight issues you’ll be able to expertise. Simply do not forget that extra research specializing in the advantages of collagen dietary supplements are wanted, as many of those claims should not primarily based on the strongest information.

A rise in muscle mass.

Should you train and take collagen, you’ll be able to see higher outcomes than simply lifting weights with out collagen. IN a research, males who participated in resistance coaching together with collagen peptide consumption resulted in a extra pronounced improve in fat-free mass, physique mass and muscle energy in comparison with resistance coaching alone. (Associated: 3 Wholesome Train Habits for a Flat Abdomen.)

An enchancment of your pores and skin.

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Many individuals see collagen because the supply of youth and a research helps that view. Mixed with acerola fruit extract, vitamin C, zinc, biotin and a vitamin E complicated, 2.5 milligrams of collagen was taken day by day for 12 weeks in considerably improved pores and skin hydration, elasticity, roughness and density in comparison with placebo. (Associated: 25 Wholesome Meals That Give You Glowing Pores and skin.)

IN one other research, girls who took a complement that contained 2.5–5 grams of collagen for 8 weeks skilled much less pores and skin dryness and a big improve in pores and skin elasticity in comparison with those that didn’t take the complement.

Safety towards bone loss.

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Bone loss turns into an issue as we age, and shedding an excessive amount of bone mass will increase the chance of bone fractures and osteoporosis. As a result of collagen dietary supplements have a probably constructive impact on will increase bone mineral densityTaking on this protein will help preserve your bones wholesome.

In a randomized, placebo-controlled double-blind trial, bone mineral density elevated considerably when postmenopausal girls took a collagen complement in comparison with placebo.

Improved coronary heart well being.

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Till 2020, coronary heart illness was the main reason for loss of life in the USA (surpassed by COVID-19 in December 2020). It’s calculated 1 in 4 deaths is a results of coronary heart illness, and it impacts many individuals all over the world.

Though the info are restricted, analysis means that taking collagen could assist your coronary heart well being. IN a small research who regarded on the growth of atherosclerosis, an artery illness, wholesome people, topics who took 16 grams of collagen day by day for six months had a big lower in measures of arterial stiffness and a rise in HDL ldl cholesterol. The authors concluded that collagen supplementation could contribute to the prevention and therapy of atherosclerosis.

Stronger nails.


When you’ve got nails that seem tough, damaged and peeling, it might be higher to take collagen dietary supplements, though the obtainable information on that is extraordinarily restricted.

IN a small research, contributors who took 2.5 grams of collagen peptides day by day for twenty-four weeks skilled a 12% improve in nail development fee and a 42% lower within the frequency of damaged nails. (Associated: 21 meals for stronger hair and nails.)

Elevated hair development.

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Should you take collagen together with vitamin C, chances are you’ll discover that your locks are longer than traditional. In accordance with a research, day by day consumption of collagen after 90 days resulted in elevated hair development in girls with short-term hair loss. (Associated: 30 Greatest and Worst Meals for Your Hair.)

Joint ache.

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As individuals become older, pops and cracks grow to be extra widespread and the joints can start to ache. As a result of collagen helps keep the well being of your cartilage between the joints, having a ample quantity within the physique can act as a “buffer”.

The truth is, as the quantity of collagen in your physique decreases as you age, your threat of creating circumstances reminiscent of osteoarthritis will increase. The excellent news is {that a} rising physique of proof means that consuming collagen supplies one enchancment of sure measures of ache and performance in these with arthritic circumstances (reminiscent of osteoarthritis).

Weight administration.


Protein has been proven to be one in every of predominant vitamins to assist satiety. With out including a protein supply, you shouldn’t have a lot resilience that can assist you really feel happy. As a result of collagen is a protein, consuming it in ample quantities will help you are feeling fuller longer and in flip will help you together with your weight management targets.

Wound therapeutic.

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Though the info are preliminary, it has been proven that consumption of collagen peptides derived from a specific jellyfish pace up the wound therapeutic course of.

Higher sleep.


Collagen consists of sure amino acids, one is glycine. As a result of glycine is linked to improved sleep high qualityTaking in glycine-rich collagen will help you get some restful zzz.

For extra info on collagen, learn this first-person account of what occurred when a lady took it day by day for 2 weeks. And research on these ten meals which can be higher than collagen dietary supplements.

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