Dr Abiye has been in office for 3 months, and since his ascension, things have been developing at a breath-taking speed. The newly minted Prime Minister came to prominence after securing the Deputy Leadership of the OPDO in 2016.

This was made possible when the previous incumbents identified with the so-called Addis Ababa ‘master plan’, which claimed the lives 140 Oromo protestors, were removed from office.

However, aborting the planned expansion to nearby Oromia farm lands failed to quell the cataclysm resulting in the declaration of a second state of emergency in 2018 which has now been lifted.

Key external players including OLF and Jowhar Mohammed commandeered the legitimate multifaceted grievances of the populace to advance their own political agendas.

Oromo youth (aka Qeerroos) were let loose in most parts of the region with the sole purpose of attaining federal power including the coveted post of Premiership.

It has been a while since OPDO fell under the spell of OLF and Jowhar; as a result, the entire political activities of the region throughout the upheaval were directed from their command posts in Asmara and Minnesota where the latter is located.

No doubt, Jowhar’s spectacular success was down to the strong backing and direction provided by the likes of ‘Open Society Foundations’ funded by the Hungarian born billionaire philanthropist and neo-liberalist, George Soros.

Whilst the new PM was in charge of Oromia, he failed to armour the FDRE constitution which was desecrated with impunity.

The unrest even crossed into neighbouring Ethio-Somali resulting in hundreds of fatalities and dislocation of nearly a million people on both sides.

Neighbouring quasi Somaliland was also involved on the side of its kin south of the border by expelling 3000 Oromos as retaliatory measures. All the crises were engineered to wrestle power from ‘Woyane.’

One hundred days after the coming of the new PM, the country finds itself in a very precarious situation and can very easily slip into ethnic conflicts of epic proportions. Dr Abiye is failing to grab the opportunity that has come his way to unify the country and move on to deal with economy which is in dire straits.

The PM talks about love, tolerance, forgiveness and unity ad nauseam, and yet, he goes out of his way to use very divisive languages that could endanger the safety and wellbeing of citizens particularly the Tigrians.

During his recent parliament appearance, Dr Abiye said that the only region in Ethiopia with no democracy was Tigrai and that the people and the TPLF were not the same but not for OPDO and ANDM.

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