The new version of US President Donald Trump’s migratory decree was unveiled on Sunday. In this revisited version, three countries make their entry on the list of citizens whose access is restricted or restricted in the United States while the Sudan is exempted from the measure.

Donald Trump finally has his migratory decree. After numerous vicissitudes in the American courts surrounding this project, the US president delivered on Sunday a new text accompanied by a list of countries covered by the said decree which will take effect from October 18.

Eight in total, Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Venezuela, North Korea and Chad are accused by Americans of breaches of security on their travelers and a lack of cooperation with Washington .

Chad, a country of Central Africa that had been rejected in the first version of the decree, has been integrated, all its citizens being banned from access to US territory.

Venezuela and North Korea, two “rogue countries” recently vilified by the boss of the White House also make their entry on the list, on grounds of severe diplomatic tensions with the United States.

“Making America safe is my number one priority. We will not accept in our country those we can not control well, “US President Donald Trump said in a message on Twitter.

Sudan, one of the six Muslim countries targeted by the previous decree, was withdrawn from the list.