#21 OKTOBAR: Shacabka Gobolada Waqooyi Ma waxaay Ka Dagaalameen Jaad Joojintii, Mise Cadaadis Kacaanka...

Maanta waxaa afartan iyo sagaal sanno laga joogaa markii ciidanka xooga dalka Soomaaliyeed ay xoog kula wareegeen talada dalka.In kasta oo dhacdoyin badani ka...

#Somalia plans to shift from clan-based politics to political party-based politics in 2020

Somalia is slowly recovering from years of conflict and self-destruction. The country’s biggest headache has always been politics, with the myriad of clans jostling...

#Somalia: President Farmajo break the silence and address the nation

It's been one long year-and-a-half since Farmajo's election on February 8, 2017. Seldom are the times he spoke to the people on the nation's...

#Baaq ku socda beelaha Deggan Muqdisho si xal loo helo Dhibataddana loga Baxo

Waxaa laga yaabaa in ay qaarkiin ila yaabaan balse baaqeygan maanta waa xaq, xaqanna haddii uu qaraar yahay xitaa waa la sheegaa.Sidaas darteed, farriinteyda...

#Ethiopia-Eritrea bargain only the beginning of the long street to peace

This week in Jeddah, the leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea signed a peace deal that seeks to draw a line under two decades of...

#How Djibouti like Zambia is about to lose its port to China

Beijing’s cumulative loans to Africa since 2000 amounted to $124-billion by 2016, according to figures compiled by the China-Africa Research Initiative (CARI).Djibouti is projected...

#Abiy Ahmed to expel the Chinese from the Horn of Africa and punish Djibouti...

Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been in power for only four months but already he has signed a peace deal with Eritrea and...

#Zimbabwe is on a knife’s edge after an election marred by violence

ON THURSDAY, current president and ruling-party leader Emmerson Mnangagwa was declared the winner of Zimbabwe’s first election since Robert Mugabe’s ouster from power.Mr. Mnangagwa...

#TPLF and the people of Tigrai should now solely focus on Tigrai and lay...

The merciless defamation and attack against Tigrians by a minority of their fellow compatriots can only be described as barbarism similar to what took...

#Historic Visit: Isaias Afewerki Arrives in Addis While Ethiopia is in fragile stage

Abiy Ahmed the Ethiopian prime minister welcomed the Eritrean dictator in the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa today.The leader of the African North Korea...

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